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Short video Ads​

Short video Ads

Short video ads are video clips that have a playtime anywhere between 1 – 60 seconds. These video ads are very much vital for businesses or projects to talk with your relevant audience and magnify their mind frame. Comparatively, Short video ads are typically more cost-effective than long video ads, still, it has a lot more impact on advertising and promotional services that have been proven to be much more effective.

The most successful video shorts are equal to or less than 30 secs and stay within the 5-15 second range. The shorter the ads, the better it becomes, as audiences as it is said the first impression is the last impression this subject fits the best when it comes to short ads.

The production process consists of 5 major steps:

1. Scripting & Scenario

2. Scribbles and Styled Frame

3. Storyboard – 100 % Custom unique

4. Well Crafted Animation and a Professional Voice-Over

5. Unique Sound Effects

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