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01. The Challenge & Solution


Etherdieum is – an astute ecosystem consisting of Cryptocurrency, Payment Gateway, Crypto Exchange and Video Telephony Application to name a few. Leveraging groundbreaking advancements in the cryptosphere, Etherdieum empowers users to experience the ingenuity offered by blockchain in its most effective form yet. Flaunting stellar reliability and stunning convenience as its USP, Etherdieum’s composite ecosystem is devised to revolutionize the fintech space in its entirety.

The Etherdieum Coin following the ERC-20 token standard has been mapped to the Matic network and is named the child Etherdieum coin. The same Etherdieum coin mapped in the Ethereum network is called the parent Etherdiuem coin. Anytime community members can switch and choose between the two coins.

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02. Working Process

LOWEST COST – The embedded cryptocurrency exchange expedites trading of digital assets at the most affordable transaction cost one could expect. Fast as a fighter jet!

SMART CONTRACT – Eliminating the nagging presence of intermediaries, every single transaction is actuated and dictated by the ingeniously coded smart contracts in an automated fashion.

TRANSPARENCY -The brilliant staking of smart contracts and similar security integrations suffuse the ecosystem with relentless immutability and unwavering transaction transparency.

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03. Perfect Result

The Most Reliable ICO

Unlike other networks, Etherdieum isn’t restricted to a single functionality – it extends all the way from crypto transfer to video-calling. With the stunning interoperability of the ERC 20 based Etherdieum coin, its utility transcends use-cases and astonishingly future-proof. Moreover, the presence of a dual remunerative investment plan further imposes its fidelity.

Infused with a stellar array of features, the Etherdieum ecosystem is here to stay. So why wait? Dab into the registration field to book your berths in the ICO event straight away!